Slum Alleviation Policy and Action Plan (SAPOLA)

SAPOLA (Slum Alleviation Policy and Action Plan) is a policy-making activity which is accompanied by an action plan in to alleviate slums. SAPOLA basically designed to support the Indonesian government in the pursuit of improved human development index (HDI) and accelerate the achievement of Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 7 Target 11 (in 2020, has been able to achieve significant improvement in the lives of 100 million slum dwellers). The main purpose of SAPOLA is to develop national policies and strategies for reducing slums and improve living conditions of the people in it.



SAPOLA implementation process involved various stakeholders on slum alleviation and prevention both at national and local level through series of meeting to discuss strategic issues on urban slums in Indonesia. Working Group on Housing and Settlement area, abbreviated as Pokja PKP has been established at natonal level consist of these following ministries/institutions: Bappenas, Ministry of Public Housing (MoPH), Ministry of Public Works (MoPW), Coordinating Ministry of Social Welfare (Kemenko Kesra), Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), Ministry of Social (MoS), Ministry of Health (MoH), National Land Agency and Nationa Statistic Agency. Within SAPOLA, it has been conducted cities field visits to learn on cities experience in dealing with slum alleviation and prevention as part of national slum alleviation policy formulation. There are six pilot cities namely: Jakarta, Surabaya, Makasar, Banjarmasin, Palembang and Medan.

Up to the end of 2013, SAPOLA has been completed two main phases including desk studies and national slum alleviation policy drafting. Desk studies covered five thematic issues on existing policy and program on slum upgrading in Indonesia, Slum definition and identification, the role of local government, NGOs and CBOs, financing scheme and land management for urban poor. Draft national slum alleviation policy has been prepared as subject to be discussed with stakeholders. SAPOLA activity should be completed on October 2014 with the others outputs are: pilot project design and implementation scheme.


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