The Evaluation of Construction Projects in Aceh, Indonesia under the JRCS Tsunami Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Programme

Japan Red Cross Society (JRCS) Tsunami Rehabilitation and Reconstruction had six projects in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. They are Housing Reconstruction Project in Aceh Barat, Reconstruction of Public Health Facilities in Nagan Raya (CPR78 and CPH129) and Simeulue, Reconstruction of General Hospital in Simeulue, Community Center in Simeulue and Reconstruction of Permanent Houses in Simeulue. In order to improve the quality of JRCS accountability, construction evaluation was required.

URDI, in cooperation with Japan Red Cross Society (JRCS) deployed a team to evaluate rehabilitation and reconstruction works. URDI team look thoroughly to the six projects and explained influence factors that impede succeed of each project. Within 3 months, the team came up with input to improve the quality of JRCS to handling capacity in formulation management and implementation of contruction project in emergency period.

URDI team consist of Kismet Kosasih, Sugiarto Sulaiman, Chrisna Triehadi Permana, Moch. Fachruddin Idris, Ivo Setiono and Atik Kumala Dewi. The evaluation took place from November 2009 to January 2010.


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