Hitachi Group Immersion Training for Infrastructure Building and Improvement in Indonesia

This activities was the second training conducted by URDI in collaboratin with Hitachi Group. Hitachi Group conducted immersion training in various countries especially with strong focus on emerging markets. In Indonesia, Hitachi focused on infrastructure. Infrastructure term in this training did not meaning physical structures only, but also controlling systems and other software and institutional systems to control and operate physical infrastructure. The infrastructures were power generation, transportation facilities and systems, utilities, communication facilities and others.


By the training, participants had acquired:

  1. Knowledge on overall economic development and current status of Indonesia;
  2. Infrastructure and development needed in the country;
  3. On-site knowledge on currently on-going project implementation;
  4. Experience to work with leaders and talents in Indonesia.

Hitachi training conducted in three locations, Jakarta, Semarang, and Yogyakarta.

In Jakarta, participants had discussion with Japan Branch, Indonesia Branch, National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), and Urban and Regional Development Institute (URDI). The participants also had site visit to Solid Waste Management on Tangerang City, Pluit Pond Rehabilitation Project, Tanjung Priok Port and TransJakarta Management Unit.

In Yogyakarta, the participants visited Community-based Settlement Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project (CSRRP), Center for Vulcanology Research and Technology Development (BPPTK), Radio Merapi and having “territory mapping” with Anthony Willoughby. They focused on Yogyakarta City to learn about community empowerment with Ikatan Kanca Cilik; about disaster management with Local Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and  Fire Management Agency; and about post-disaster management in one of Merapi’s eruption area.

Then in Semarang, the participants visited disaster locations in Semarang City and conducted workshop with related stakeholder held in Diponegoro University. They focused on disaster management and community empowement on Semarang City. They learned and discussed with Public Work Agency (Dinas PU), Local Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), community and students.

After learning about disaster management it Yogyakarta and Semarang, participant then learnt about hazard mapping and information system at Gajah Mada University. On the last week, they learnt about forecast and challenges to achieve millenium development goals and Master Plan for Acceleration and Expansion of Poverty Reduction in Indonesia (MP3KI). They also gave presentation about their finding and solution during the training to URDI and BPPT.


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